How it works

Karhia Pro coat stripper replicates the hand-stripping motion and gently removes the old hair amongst the new hair. The device is attached to a regular vacuum cleaner. 



Karhia Pro has been developed 10 years together with professional groomers. Innovation is based on patented (Finland) technology. European and US patent pending. Karhia Pro is a high-quality device, and it's components have been carefully selected to ensure durability in continuous and long-lasting usage. 



High-quality motor made by Johnson Electric. Warranty 2 years. 


Feasibility for different coat types

Device’s adjustment controls ensure the feasibility for different coat types and lengths. 



Karhia is a low voltage device. Transformer shuts down to power when e.g. dog's skin or groomers finger accidentally goes inside the device.


Grooming Quality


Limited batch now in pre-order