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So that all dogs could feel neat


Welcome the world’s first electric coat stripper for wire-haired dogs


At the moment wire haired dog breeds have to be groomed by hand stripping the coat, because there hasn’t been a motorized solution for the job before. 
Hand stripping is slow and hard for the trimmer’s hands.   

Karhia Groomer Pro is world’s first and only electronic stripping machine for wire haired dogs. It saves time and eases stress on your hands. 

The product has been developed with professional trimmers in Finland. 

Karhia electric coat stripper saves time and eases the stress on hands. Developed in Finland together with professional groomers.




Faster grooming

Up to 3 times faster grooming compared
to hand-stripping.


Less stress

Karhia trimmer significantly eases stress on hands. Due to a shorter grooming time, stress on back and neck area also decreases.


Neat dogs - all the time

With regular trimming your dog is neat and healthy all the time.

With Karhia you are able to maintain your dog’s fur consistently and thus improving your dog’s wellbeing significantly.
Hand stripping can be painful for your dog, but my dog clearly enjoyed his grooming with Karhia
Fast and easy! I can now groom my terrier in 15 minutes - compared to almost one hour by hand stripping.

Developed together with professional dog groomers. 


Limited batch available now