Hello fingers, meet your new best friend

Worlds first electric coat stripper

Karhia Pro coat stripper works just like groomer’s hands, but faster and with higher precision. The coat stripper replicates the hand-stripping motion and gently removes the old hair amongst the new hair. The device is attached to a regular vacuum cleaner.



Less stress on fingers

Less stress on fingers

Faster grooming

Faster grooming

Clean environment

Clean environment

Good looking and healthy dog - all the time

Good looking and healthy dog - all the time

How it works?

How does the world’s first coat stripper work?

Does it cut the hair? How about grooming quality? These most frequently asked questions were answered when Nana came in for grooming. This was the fourth time Nana was groomed with Karhia Pro. Besides grooming, we shot a video about the operation of the device with a high-speed camera and took the plucked hair to our lab and under a microscope. Watch the video about how Karhia Pro works, what’s the grooming quality and how the mechanics plucks the hair from the root – just like when hand-stripped.




Karhia Pro is designed by state-of-the-art precision mechanics engineering skills. All the components and carefully selected and built from the best possible materials that meet the tough needs of professional groomers.



Karhia Pro is designed to handle continuous and long-lasting usage. Tireless and rigorous mechanism is built from the high quality materials.



Stripping length can be adjusted according to the dog’s hair length and desired outcome. Stripping power can be adjusted for different coat types and to fit the dog’s nature.


Tube & Hose

The hair is transported to the intermediate container through the suction hose attached to the Karhia Pro coat stripper, another end of the hose connected to a standard vacuum cleaner. This makes the grooming process much cleaner for the working environment.
If needed, multiple suction hoses can be chained to each other for achieving longer distance between the vacuum cleaner and the dog. The intermediate container will hold the hair and therefore prevents the vacuum cleaner to be filled with the hair. The container´s transparency makes it easier for adjusting the correct grooming settings as it is visible how the hair starts to get off.Additionally, the intermediate container works as handy transportation and storing unit for all the Karhia Pro equipment. Just roll in the hose to the container first, put the power adapter in close to the container´s mesh, and finally place in the device itself with the possible accessories.


Stripping Paws

There are two types of stripping paws available for Karhia Pro – one for delicate and one for dense coat types.

Product life time and costs of use

Karhia Pro is designed for continuous usage. The lifetime of the product varies based on the grooming frequency and type of dogs (coats) groomed. You can ensure a long lifetime for your Karhia product by using it as instructed in the manuals, using original Karhia parts and by frequent do-it-yourself maintenance procedures.

For average use, we’ve estimated that the Karhia Pro coat stripper can be used approximately 700 hours before the first actual maintenance by Karhia Service.

Stripping Paws and Stripping Belts are consumable parts. In average use and when used as described in the user manual, the expected life time of different consumable parts of the device are as follows:

  • Stripping Paw 3 hours
  • Stripping Belt 100 hours

NB!. Depending on various factors, such as coat types groomed and used stripping strength, the device might have to be repaired by Karhia Service or you may have to change consumable parts or other parts before the end of the expected lifetimes.

Cost per grooming

The cost per grooming less than 2 € consists of 700 total hours of use (expected time before first service), Karhia Pro used 45 mins per grooming, cost of the device plus stripping paws and stripping belts needed for 700 hours of use. The cost is an average cost when the device is used and maintained as described in the User’s Manual. The actual cost per grooming can be significantly lower or higher depending on various factors, such as grooming frequency and type of coats groomed. Costs calculated with recommended retail prices including Finnish VAT 24 %.

Karhia Pro


Device weight


Stripping force adjustment

Stepless build-in


PRO stripping paw – FLAT
PRO stripping paw – RAKE

Replaceable stripping belt


Long life ball bearing


Adjustable comb

3 - Steps

Hair collecting to the vacuum cleaner


Paw life

Approx. 2 dogs

Belt life

Approx. 30-60 dogs

Plucking speed x/sec


Device length


Operating voltage


Maximum power



399 €