Grooming with Karhia Pro

From this page you will find instructions and test results of using Karhia Pro.

Karhia Pro – preparations before grooming

Grooming a wire-haired dog with Karhia Pro

Grooming a tight and long-haired coat



We’ve groomed hundreds of dogs and several breeds with Karhia Pro. In general rough and normal length wire-haired coat can be plucked easily and quickly with Karhia Pro if the coat is ready for grooming.

The longer and tighter the hair, the longer is the grooming speed. With very challenging coat types the grooming can be as fast as hand-stripping. West Highland White Terrier and Cairn Terrier are examples of breeds that have had challenging coat types in our own grooming tests. Karhia Pro works quite well for these breeds too, but when the length of the hair exceeds 8 centimeters and the hair is tight, we’ve recorded longer grooming times.