What is Karhia Pro Coat Stripping Machine and How Does it Work? 

Question Does it cut the hair?
AnswerThe mechanics is based on friction and movement replicating the movement of groomer’s fingers when hand-stripping. There are two soft surfaces doing the stripping just like fingers, but much faster and with higher precision.
Question Stripping vs. clipping
AnswerTraditional clippers can be used only for dog breeds other than wire-haired. Wire-haired dog breeds has to be groomed by stripping (also called “plucking”) the dead hair from the roots without cutting the hair.
Question Why Karhia Pro costs more than traditional clippers?
AnswerThe mechanics in a traditional clipper is very simple, whereas a stripping machine has to take into account a lot of other factors such as friction, airflow and density of different coat types. When taking into account the cost of the machine and the consumables, the cost in an average use is less than 2e per grooming. We think your fingers are worth more than that.
Question Does the machine hurt the dog?
AnswerNot at all, actually many dogs like Karhia Pro more than hand stripping. You can also adjust the stripping power yourself.
Question Dog is afraid of the hoover
AnswerYou can increase the distance to the vacuum cleaner by attaching two hoses together and placing the vacuum in another room, away from the dog.
Question How much faster the machine is compared to hand-stripping?
AnswerSome breeds can be groomed faster with Karhia Pro. Some breeds and coat types take a lot longer and can even be, when using the machine for the first times, hand-stripped faster than with Karhia Pro. The main benefit of using Karhia Pro is not the speed, but the less strain on groomer’s fingers. When using the machine for the wide areas such as dog’s back and sides, you have still strength left in your fingers to do the magic – finalising the the most delicate and important areas with your fingers.
Question Other
AnswerWith Karhia Pro, you can get the desired stripping length by adjusting the guide comb. The dogs in the videos were groomed as per their owners’ wishes. Especially owners with dogs spending a lot of time in the forest tends to like stripping off all the old, dead coat.

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? Team Karhia