For the well-being of all dogs


Karhia story began in 2006 with a hunting dog called Pontus. A skilled hunter and a people-lover, German pointer Pontus loved running through the woods to catch birds and enjoyed quiet, relaxing moments on the sofa. A real party started when Pontus was joined by his "little sister", wirehaired dachshund Kerttu and "cousins" Kirppu and Allu. Markus, Pontus' owner, and his brother Sami had a problem. Pontus was a huge dog, weighing almost 50 kg, and together with the rest of the "paw patrol", the four left a trail of fur flying in the air wherever they went. 

Grooming of the dogs was time-consuming and physically stressful especially for hands. The dogs didn’t like the hand-stripping either. Markus and Sami decided to start developing a motorized device to make grooming of the dogs easier.

About 10 years, several prototypes and hundreds of grooming sessions later, Karhia will be launched commercially. 

Karhia Innovation Ltd’s mission is to develop products that improve the well-being for both dogs and dog owners. Team members of Karhia Innovations have several decades of track record on precision mechanics - and of course, dogs. 


Contact information

Karhia Innovations Oy

Kaakelikaari 2 A
01720 VANTAA
Tel. +358 50 593 5390

Markus Ristaniemi
Co-Founder & CEO

Sami Ristaniemi
Co-Founder & CPO